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Is heating up the bedroom on your calendar tonight?

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Over lunch, someone encouraged the men at the table to eat pumpkin seeds, because they are certified aphrodisiacs.

The real culprits are women; we men are always ready to go! But when you sit back, it is women who need help in this area. I have heard many wives complain of boredom when it comes to sex and others who are not ashamed to wish their husbands gave them a break in bed.

Today she has a headache, tomorrow she has a pregnancy scare and would rather not risk it, the other day it is PMS and you receive the warning not to touch her with attitude, rolling eyes and a voice raised an octave higher. But the thing is, many wives suffer from a flailing libido while their husbands continue to be high maintenance in that area. So who needs the mulondo here? Ladies, before you Online dating Anchorage Alaska into marriage, understand that you cannot deny your husband sex unless there are genuine reasons understood by both of you.

You are married, remember?

A whole day of eating for pleasure? literally. yes.

It is sweet to imagine your Xxx ladies in Cooktown loves you enough to follow your bored sex patterns without flinching or glancing sideways, but also be realistic. If you find sex boring, that means you do not enjoy it. Because one of Saratoga TX sexy women reasons why husbands are high maintenance when it comes to sex, is because majority of them are guaranteed an orgasm and the benefits that come with one every time they make love.

For a woman who has never felt the beginnings of an orgasm, it is understandable to feel like someone telling you to go wash the clothes when you just finished digging a few minutes ago! You need to start enjoying the sex in your marriage for you to be able to look forward to it and match his demands with supply, and even make some demands of your own.

So wives, find your aphrodisiac. Most of them are inbuilt and untapped; start with those. Talk about what pleasures you with your husband; you know your body best. If your ears are your erogenous zone yet he ignores them, guide him.

For women, exercise is also a proven aphrodisiac. There are more benefits to a health club membership than just weight loss. In the dressing room of the gym I go to, the ladies have all testified of three things in common: improved body metabolism, libido and confidence in their skin. You can start there.

Supercharge your libido

Yes, it may initially come with body aches like all machines that have been out of use for long, but give it about 12 weeks and you will reap benefits. It is Ladies wants hot sex MO Saint mary 63673 important to dress well.

Sounds impractical and far-fetched, but our brains are the biggest aphrodisiacs. When you feel good about yourself and ooze confidence and self esteem, it is very sexy and you feel it too.

Alert! adding honey to anything warm can be dangerous for you

But when you run around in stained clothes and tattered knickers, you will have no guts to seduce your husband. And eat right. We are the masters of junk food.

But keep an eye on those cholesterol levels. Healthy eating translates into better energy levels, better body odours where it matters most and yes, better in the bedroom. Eating better does not mean limit it to leaves and fruit.

Just balance it out well, and in small portions. But also, a glass of red wine is said to have enough of an antioxidant called resveratrol — according to research from Northwestern University — which increases production of oestrogen and thereby sexual appetite.

The researchers warn: Just a glass! Last but certainly not least, consider taking food supplements that have ginseng in them. Ginseng is said to be one of the best natural methods of upping a drowning libido in a woman.

Stop the excuses and let your marriage roll! The Observer. News Headlines. Use site search Use Google.

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